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Latest News Releases

State Names Roosevelt Elementary High Progress School of Honor
- Board of Education, January 7, 2019 Read More
DeWine Nominates Cabinet Heads for DAS, DSA, OOD, DRC, Taxation, Appoints Numerous Senior Staff members
- Government, January 3, 2019 Read More
District to Renovate Taft for Curricular Expansion, Central Office Home
- Board of Education, December 18, 2018 Read More
Lakewood’s Roosevelt Elementary Named High Progress School of Honor
- Board of Education, November 16, 2017 Read More
Lakewood Empowers Young People to Say Something and Save Lives!
- City Hall, October 17, 2017 Read More

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City Council Discusses Scooters, Roads, Bricks, And The Future Of Meghan George's At-Large Seat

City Council began on November 18 by recognizing the winners of Keep Lakewood Beautiful’s 2019 Beautiful Homes with an awards presentation. Once everyone got a chance to take a photo and congratulate the winners, Council President O’Leary started what turned into a very efficient City Council meeting where several new projects were discussed that will bring positive change to Lakewood.  

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 4:40 PM, 11.20.2019

A Bridge From The Past To The Future

Thousands of ornaments for millions of memories!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, New Years are all spectacular end of the year celebrations that bring family and friends together. Good, or merely interesting, it is this time of year when traditions are shared, taught, learned and passed on from generation to generation. Here in Lakewood we have an establishment that not only signals everything good about the holidays, it also provides an amazing bridge from one generation to the next. All can be made better this season with a simple visit to Mr. Christmas, aka, Mr. Holiday, Bill Hixson, at the one and only Hixson’s Barn. A northern Ohio tradition for over XXXX years!

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 4:40 PM, 11.20.2019

Ohio Species Survival! How Many Ohio Endangered Animals Can You Name? (First of a three-part series)

Norah Daisy Murtha-- Karner blue butterfly

The Northern Long Eared Bat

Cullen McQuay

Emerson Elementary

Grade 3

Mrs. Gerg’s class

How many Ohio endangered or threatened species in Ohio can you name?

Do you know that the Northern Long Eared Bat is in trouble in our very own state, Ohio?

A disease called white nose syndrome is killing bats!

I hope you are as concerned as I am!

Why is this bat called the Northern Long Eared Bat? 

As you might guess, this bat has long ears!

The Northern Long Eared Bat is a threatened species in Ohio.

Scientists saw this disease first in 2006, and white-nose syndrome has spread fast.

The population of northern long-eared bats have declined by up to 99 percent in the Northeast.

Other things are affecting the Northern Long Eared Bat too.

Sometimes people put up gates or other barriers to keep people from caves and mines. This keeps bats from flying and moving from the cave. These gates can change the temperature of a cave by a few degrees making their homes horrible for them to live. 


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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 4:40 PM, 11.20.2019

Debbie Darling: Songs Of The 30s, 40s, 50s And 60s

In the 1930s, folks tapped their toes to hits from the Great American Songbook with their families gathered around the living room radio. Now we keep the beat with handheld smartphones, but favorites like Cole Porter’s “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” or George Gershwin’s, “ S’ Wonderful” have never left our playlists.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

District Hosting Free Senior Citizen Holiday Breakfast

The District will be hosting a free holiday breakfast for Lakewood's senior citizens on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at 8:45 am at Garfield Middle School. Join Superintendent Michael Barnes and members of the Board of Education for a festive, morning! Hear from some of our talented music groups, enjoy great food, and listen to Superintendent Barnes give an update on the District. RSVPs are required by Dec. 3. Please call 216-529-4074, or email christine.gordillo@lakewoodcityschools.org.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Rangers Earn All Conference Honors

Congratulations to Lakewood High School student athletes who have been recognized by the Southwestern Conference for their outstanding efforts during the fall 2019 season, including senior runner Cormac Peppard-Kramer, who was named Conference MVP, and seven All Conference 1st Team members!

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Horrific Gray Windowless Buildings Of The Most Bleak Kind: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 96

Breathilizör - Emblematic Picasso Banshee Of Chaos Destructors - My Mind's Eye - 3 songs - CD

Somehow, these three songs last for almost an hour. That's the power of metal, I guess. Track 1 is "Hot Cup Of Doom," which is a pretty good heavy number set in some kind of shopping mall from hell (shopping mall of hell?). Absolutely ridiculous but at the same time kinda good, as you'd expect from Breathilizör. Hearing Food read off the names of businesses in his evil metal voice of chaos is pretty funny: "Hickory Farms…Sunglass Hut…a place that sells cellphones in the middle of the mall." This one's followed up by "Something Of Something, Part X." It's pretty impressive that they're up to Part X now. Is X the most metal roman numeral, or is V? I'm not sure. Please send in your opinions. The final track here is the big one, the almost painfully long "Future Invasion Of Robotic Mayhem." There are some pretty ripping parts, and of course it's great to hear Food's delivery (the way he says "unscrupulous" in the opening line has made me laugh every time), but it's almost more fun to read the included lyric sheet than actually sit through the whole thing. But then perhaps I just have a short attention span. In any case, if you're a Breathilizör fan like myself, you'll need this one. 666/???


The Missed - The Missed - Just Because Records - 4 songs - 7", digital

This is the first real record for The Missed, following their tape on Quality Time from (I think) over a year ago now. It's pretty good. They're definitely sliding away from the more pop-punk sound of the tape toward a more Nervosas-esque post-punk kind of thing, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. They're still both poppy and punky, rest assured, just in a slightly different way. The songs are catchy, the rhythm section is great, and there's some excellent guitar playing on here (I particularly enjoy the solo on "I Wanna Know"). The opening "Stiff" is a tough stomper and for some reason "Summer Girl" reminds me of Paul Westerberg a bit despite not sounding like Paul Westerberg. I still kinda like the tape better (I wish someone would put that out on vinyl), but this is a solid EP to be sure, and I like it more and more with repeated listens. 4/5



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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Light-Up Lakewood Booksale

The Holiday season is upon us, and there is so much to love about this festive time of year. 

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Holiday Service Project

Do you know what "food insecurity" means? The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active healthy life. What that means in our world is that some people are unable to afford healthy food- or any food at all- for a brief or extended period of time. It may mean that people have to choose between housing and needed medication over food for themselves and their families. In Cuyahoga County 233,500 (or 18.6%) experience food insecurity at one time or another.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

A Lake Erie Shipwreck: Past, Present And Future

For most of us, Lake Erie is a broad expanse of beautiful water, a recreational highlight of life in Lakewood. But Lake Erie was once a bustling commercial water highway and below its surface lie hundreds of shipwrecks, abandoned in the murky depths of the lake. One of these wrecks is the Dundee, a wooden schooner that went down in a storm that swept over Lake Erie in September of 1900.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

LPL Calendar Of Events Compiled by Elaine Rosenberger

Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Meet the Author
"Monsoon Postcards: Indian Ocean Journeys"
Book by David H. Mould
Main Library Auditorium

In the sequel to "Postcards from Stanland: Journeys in Central Asia," historian and journalist David Mould traverses the Indian Ocean—from Madagascar through India and Bangladesh to Indonesia. It’s an unpredictable journey, and along the way he meets journalists, professors, students, aid workers, cab drivers and slum-dwellers. Mould has traveled widely in Asia and southern Africa. Books will be available for sale and signing at this event.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

The Rockport Miracles-Part 4: Episode 18: “The Ballad Of Derecho Dan?Continues

Maynard Gridley’s funeral was a pip. Many of his neighbors in Parma, Ohio - the same people who had shunned Maynard out of fear and mistrust, were startled to witness the legions of Maynard’s friends that overwhelmed St. Christina - The Astonishing Catholic Church. Hundreds had come to pay their respects, including Maynard’s ragtag Vietnam veteran buddies, Color Guard members representing three regional V.F.W. Posts, and police officers who’d once had the pleasure of arresting Maynard. The roar and pop of Harley-Davidson engines outside the church announced the arrivals of motorcycle clubs from all over the midwest. They all came because they all loved Maynard.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Beatlemania At The Barton Senior Center

More than 50 years ago today, the Beatles came our way to play. On October 17th, the Barton Senior Center was the place to be to celebrate those days with a dose of Fab Four nostalgia.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Starr Gazer


Aries: Playfulness is the key word for the Ram this Holiday season, put those Ram horns away, let “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by your theme song, show up with a Rudolph nose.

Taurus: I know the Bull is stubborn, but there are “other” ways the world turns, everyone you meet this Holiday season has been sent to teach you something, “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Gemini: The Twins known for their intellect, are being asked to follow your heart, light up the town & the tree with “All I want for Christmas is You” love is in the air, spread it around.

Cancer: The Crab needs to come out of its shell, Divine Timing is clearly evident, & you won’t want to miss it because you’ve buried your head in the sand, “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

Leo: Change is constant in the Jungle, & this time of year is no different for the Lion, so when you find out “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” you’ll just smile & come to her rescue

Virgo: Start to listen to your intuition instead of that Monkey Mind that keeps driving you crazy with its nonsense,put that to rest with “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” & you’ll sleep better too.

Libra: Connectedness is beckoning to your Soul, look beyond your own community, there are no boundaries, pretty soon it’ll become quite obvious that “Christmas is All Around”


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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Getting The House Ready For The Holidays?

The thought of holiday guests seems to spur major cleaning and purging. As you ready your home for family and friends keep Lakewood Historical Society in mind. The Society accepts new and gently used household items, holiday decor, furniture, art and much more. Keep your donation local and support the society. 

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Strokes Of Genius Concludes With Art Show

Learning about famous artists and viewing their works sparked these children to produce their own masterpieces during the Strokes of Genius program.

The fall session of Strokes of Genius at the Lakewood Public Library came to a close in November as participating second, third, and fourth graders proudly showcased their talent at an Art Show for family and friends.

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Staff Spotlight Honorees: Foote & Saksa


Teaching & Learning Coordinator Christine Foote has spent her career in education laser-focused on one mission: improving student literacy.

“My passion is to improve life through literacy outcomes,” Foote says. By improving literacy, she says, more opportunities open up in life. The passion was stoked in Foote's college years when as a student she volunteered in an inner-city program and saw how literacy challenges held students back.

Foote, who joined the District in 2005 as an instructional coach, carries out her mission by assisting our secondary-level teachers in developing curriculum and instructional strategies and facilitating professional development opportunities. Her collaborative spirit and deep knowledge gained from years spent as a teacher from elementary to college level are invaluable assets as she helps faculty write courses of study, select textbooks and develop assessments for their students.

Over her nearly 15 years with Lakewood Schools, Foote has been able to develop relationships and gain trust with teachers and administrators across all grade levels which makes the collaborative process of developing curriculum easier.

Foote says she is grateful to be able work alongside passionate educators who all have the same goal in mind of helping students succeed. “The collective energy here is amazing,” she says. “People here make the magic happen.”


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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

St. Edward High School Edwardian Players Present "Urinetown The Musical"

Pictured are (Back row) Richie Pokrywka, Grace Davis, Emma Rosberil, Colin Schilf. (Front row) Ella Sonby, Bella Issa, Zeke Schmiedl and Ali Traska.

Photo courtesy of Shiny Penny Studios.

The Edwardian Players, theatre group from St. Edward High School, will present "Urinetown" on November 21, 22 and 23 at 7:30pm and November 24 at 3:00pm at St. Edward High School in  Lakewood, Ohio. "Urinetown" won the 2002 Tony Awards for Best Book of a Musical (Greg Kotis) as well as Best New Musical Score (Mark Hollman).  

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019

Meghan George Is New Mayor Of Lakewood; Neff, Shachner, Litten On Council

Although 2019 was considered an off-year election, locally, this year's election cycle proved to be as busy as ever in Lakewood. With mayor, four ward council races, and three board of education seats up for grabs, election night in Lakewood did not disappoint.

From the start, as the results rolled in, the margins in the most hotly contested and closely watched race of the night, that which would determine Lakewood's next mayor, were razor thin. Ultimately, Meghan George prevailed over her fellow current councilperson, Sam O'Leary.

The Ward 1 Council seat went to Tess Neff, the Ward 2 Council seat went to Jason Shachner, and the Ward 3 Council seat went to incumbent John Litten. The Ward 4 Council seat was uncontested, with Dan O'Malley retaining his seat on council.

Of the three seats up for grabs on the Lakewood Board of Education, two will stay with familiar names, Linda Beebe and Emma Petrie-Barcelona, while the third will go to a new face on the board - Michael Callahan.

In addition, there were several other races impacting Lakewood, including a charter amendment that adds a primary election contest for Lakewood's Municipal Judge seat if more than two candidates run for the post. In addition, at the county level, Issue 3, the Cuyahoga Community College tax levy renewal and increase, passed with a strong majority.

Municipal Election Results

Lakewood Mayor

Meghan F. George: 50.73% (5,702)

Sam O'Leary: 49.27% (5,537)

Lakewood City Council Ward 1

Tess Neff: 61.68% (1,774)

Laura Rodriguez-Carbone: 38.32% (1,102)

Lakewood City Council Ward 2

Jason Shachner: 62.14% (1,874)

Brad Presutto: 37.86% (1,142)

Lakewood City Council 3

John Litten: 66.73% (1,893)

Jeff Wise: 33.27% (944)

Lakewood City Council Ward 4

Daniel J. O'Malley: 100% (1,518)

Board of Education (vote for 3)

Linda G. Beebe: 20.25% (4,605)

Michael J. Callahan: 21.84% (4,966)

Tom Einhouse: 17.20% (3,911)

Andrew A. Meyer: 15.61% (3,549)

Emma Petrie-Barcelona: 25.11% (5,710)

Lakewood Charter Amendment Judges

Yes: 85.20% (9,067)

No: 14.80% (1,575)

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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Give A Gently Used Coat To The Homeless; Get A $25 Gift Card From Geiger’s

Susan Neth, Frontline; Christy Geiger

FrontLine Service and Geiger’s are asking Lakewood to donate “gently used” coats to the homeless. Coats can be dropped off at Geiger’s store, 14710 Detroit Avenue, from November 1 through November 10. Everyone donating a coat will receive a $25 Geiger’s Gift Card, good on the purchase of a new coat.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Breakfast With Santa Returns To Downtown Lakewood On November 30

Breakfast with Santa Returns to Downtown Lakewood on November 30.

Santa Claus is indeed coming to town, and it’s sooner than you think.  Breakfast with Santa returns to Downtown Lakewood on Small Business Saturday (November 30) from 9 a.m. to 12 noon when Jolly Saint Nick himself visits O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood (Assisted Living Building - 1381 Bunts Road).

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

2nd Annual End Hunger In Lakewood Day Set For Saturday November 16th

Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt Bar and Grilled, has again spearheaded the annual End Hunger in Lakewood event scheduled for Saturday, November 16th. “We had an exceptionally successful first event last November with 34 restaurants and food retailers participating. Donating 10% of food sales on a Saturday is not a small gesture,” said Fish. All the money raised will go to Lakewood Community Services Center’s efforts to provide emergency food to 15% of the population of Lakewood who need food support. “This year 43 establishments responded immediately to my request to participate. This outpouring of support for needy Lakewood residents speaks to the generosity of my colleagues here in town,” added Fish.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Runner Peppard-Kramer Finishes Top 50 In State

Highlights Super Postseason For Rangers

The postseason has been full of highlights for the Lakewood High boys' cross country team, led by a top 50 finish by senior Cormac Peppard-Kramer in the Division 1 Cross Country State Tournament in Columbus on November 2. Peppard-Kramer finished 49th out of 186 runners in a time of 16:14.9. The State Tournament was the culmination of a season where Peppard-Kramer earned the Southwest Conference individual title and conference MVP, a 2nd place finish at Districts and a 11th place finish at Regionals.

Peppard-Kramer led a strong varsity team that was runner-up at the Southwest Conference Championship Meet and a 4th place team finish at the District meet. The 4th place finished gave the Rangers an automatic team qualification Regionals.

Senior co-captain Patrick McCallum was among the leaders as well, finishing third at the conference meet and 13th at Districts. Junior Aidyn Zingale also cracked the top 20 at Districts, placing 17th. Rounding out the varsity team are Joe Kelly, James O'Donnell, Sean O'Donnell, and James Toole. The team is coached by Stephanie Toole. 


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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Students Work To Make Home Alone Project Reality

Several members of the Home Alone Research & Development team pictured here are: (front row l-r) Lavinia Grandt and Gina Marjanovic; (back from l-r) Hayley Welsh, Sydney Wilhelmy and Sarah Donaldson.

A group of 11 Lakewood High students spent hundreds of hours this past summer and the first months of the school year devoting their time to a project that has become near and dear to their hearts. They are working together to create the Home Alone Youth Leadership Program for Help To Others (H2O). Their work on the program, which aims to educate 9-12-year-olds about how to safely be home alone or with younger siblings, has given them leadership skills that will serve them well, long after their time with Home Alone.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

LakewoodAlive To Host “Transportation For A 21st Century City?Community Forum On November 14

LakewoodAlive's "Transportation for a 21st Century City" Community Forum takes place on November 14.

As transportation preferences continue to evolve, our society is increasingly seeking better options for getting around. But how can we ensure our region’s transportation policies keep pace with our modern-day transportation needs?

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Jungle Bob And His Crazy Critters

Jungle Bob always brings a large snake to his program.

Come to the Lakewood Public Library and meet some of Jungle Bob’s incredible animals. Jungle Bob is a certified animal technician as well as a licensed teacher in animal care who has been educating and engaging children for nearly three decades. He is not only dedicated to entertaining audiences with his interactive animal shows, but also to teaching children about the importance of animal care, safety, and conservation. It will be a fun evening with reptiles and furry friends. “Jungle Bob and His Crazy Critters” will take place in the Main Library Multipurpose Room on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Cuyahoga And Its Burning River

The Cuyahoga River dates back 12,000 years, but it was the fire in 1969 that made it famous. Even though it was not the first or the worst, the 1969 blaze caught the attention of the country, making Cleveland the butt of jokes and spurring the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Keep Lakewood Beautiful - Community Composting At Lakewood Park

Keep Lakewood Beautiful (KLB) and the City of Lakewood have partnered with Rust Belt Riders to provide residents with an alternative to landfills for household food waste. A collection bin has been placed in Lakewood Park, in front of the Oldest Stone House. For $5 per month, you can take your waste food items to the collection site instead of putting the waste in the trash. You can subscribe to this service on www.rustbeltriders.com. Drop-off is at your convenience; the bin is always available. Just about all non-liquid food waste can be composted; meat, dairy, citrus, coffee grounds, eggshells, etc. My family recently signed up and took our first food waste to the bins; it was easy.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Cleveland Teacher Recognized As Impact Educator By Northwestern University

Chuck Debelak

Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search is known for recognizing high achieving students. However, their mission also incorporates parents and teachers in a quest to support gifted students. In fact, elementary and middle school students who are recognized based on their exceptional PSAT™8/9, SAT®, or ACT® scores can in turn nominate their teacher.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Family Secrets Uncovered: Award-Winning Author Gail Lukasik To Visit The Library

What if your family history research revealed a long-hidden family secret? Award-winning author Gail Lukasik grew up with few photographs of her mother’s family and in 1995 she discovered the reason why. When researching census records for her Louisiana family, Gail discovered that her mother’s father and his entire family were designated as black. “You can’t tell anyone,” said her mother Alvera.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Sign Up For District's Senior Citizen Holiday Breakfast

Superintendent Michael Barnes and members of the Board of Education invite the city's senior citizens to a festive, free holiday breakfast on Wednesday, December 11 from 8:45-10:00 am in the Garfield Middle School cafeteria. Hear from some of our talented student groups, enjoy great food, and listen to Superintendent Barnes give an update on the District. RSVPs are required by December 3. Please call 216-529-4074 or email christine.gordillo@lakewoodcityschools.org if you would like to attend.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Applicants For District Financial Advisory Committee Sought

The Lakewood Board of Education is seeking applicants to fill a position on its Financial Advisory Committee (FAC), which is dedicated to the District’s finances. Applicants must be Lakewood residents. Duties of the committee include reviewing the annual state audit, conducting pre- and post-audit meetings, sharing business and financial “best practices” information, and reviewing the treasurer’s five-year forecast. The committee meets on a quarterly or as needed basis. 

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

LPL Calendar Of Events Compiled by Elaine Rosenberger

Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Meet the Author
"Cafe Abyss: John O’Brien’s Fiction, A Reflection"
Edited by Dave Megenhardt and Rob Jackson
Main Library Auditorium

Editors and contributors of "Cafe Abyss" discuss the fiction of John O’Brien, Lakewood native and author of four novels including "Leaving Las Vegas." O’Brien’s sister, Erin O’Brien, will discuss John’s life and legacy. Contributors Sara Dobie Bauer, Patrick Snee, Matt Marshall and Tanya Pilumeli, will speak about discovering O’Brien’s work and share their analyses of it. Books will be available for sale and signing at this event.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Club Welcomes New Exchange Student

New Rotary youth exchange student, Estefania Orpheu Pinheiro de Castro (right), displays her country’s flag at a recent meeting with (from left) counselor Natasha Corrigan, and host parents Torey and Jeff Worron. Este’s host club is the Rotary Club of Lakewood & RockyRiver.

Estefania Orpheu Pinheiro de Castro, inbound Rotary Youth Exchange student from Brazil, is being hosted by the Rotary Club of Lakewood & Rocky River.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Rotary Seeks Grant Applications

The Rotary Club of Lakewood and Rocky River is seeking grant applications from non-profit organizations that serve our youth and community within Lakewood and Rocky River.

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Lakewood Women’s Club Elects Officers For 2019-2020 Term

2019-2020 Members of the Lakewood Women's Club.  

Members of the Lakewood Women’s Club (LWC) have launched a new year by unanimously voting in the Slate of Officers presented at their annual Installation Dinner. The incoming Executive Board includes President Diana Quickel-Ketchaver, Vice President Jessica Price, Secretary Melis Uras, and Treasurer Margaret Wetzler.  

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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Lakewood Podcaster Wants Residents To Catch Olympic Fever

Alison Brown and Lakewood resident Jill Jaracz (right) encourage everyone to catch Olympic Fever with their podcast.

Ahead of the Olympics taking place in Tokyo next summer, Lakewood resident and podcaster Jill Jaracz wants Ohio to catch Olympic Fever.

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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

The Rockport Miracles-Part 4: Episode 17: “The Ballad of Derecho Dan?Continues

Little Dan laid uneasy on a table in a damp, cramped basement in Cleveland’s Little Italy. Still babbling incoherently, Little Dan was accused of over 30 counts of negligence and arson in the wake of storm 5.5. On the lam, he'd been a fugitive as much to reality as he was to justice. Unable to grasp exactly how the promise of his young life had been destroyed in less than five minutes, his tortured mind retreated into a fitful dream:

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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

Phone Scam Targets Lakewood Voters

A Texas-based company has begun calling Lakewood residents, to present false information in the format of a survey. Paid callers from Dynata Global present a series of false statements about mayoral candidate Meghan George, then ask voters how they would react "assuming the statements are true."

The American Association for Public Opinion Research has stated that calls like this are not surveys at all, but rather unethical telemarketing designed to push respondents for or against a candidate. That say that such “push polls” are “an insidious form of negative campaigning disguised as a political poll.”

Multiple residents have reported identical calls attacking George, beginning Tuesday, October 8. Two have provided recordings of a call, confirming other reports.

In a statement, Meghan George said that "These intrusive, inaccurate calls are the complete opposite of what I stand for, and Lakewood deserves better. Our campaign has focused consistently on positive messages of public safety and sound policies to protect affordability for seniors and working families.

"I assure you that you will not hear those kinds of attacks or dirty tricks coming from my campaign. I am running to bring inclusive, collaborative and transparent government to City Hall."

One of the paid callers identified her employer as Dynata Global, based in Texas, but the company has refused requests to reveal who is paying them.

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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

If You Like The Truth Don't Bother Reading Sam O'Leary's Propaganda

Of late I have been hearing mayoral candidate Sam O’Leary referred to as Sneaky Sam. After reading the false propaganda he has been mailing to voters I can see why.  Sneaky Sam’s latest flyer quotes a Lakewood resident as saying, “Sam will do what’s best for the future of Lakewood.”  NOT SO!

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Volume 15, Issue 19, Posted 12:59 PM, 11.06.2019

Why We Need Brad Presutto On Lakewood City Council

Growing up in Lakewood, it’s good to see someone who cares so much about their community run for City Council. His name is Brad Presutto. A good friend, awesome father, and advocate - we’re lucky to have him in our community.

I met Brad Presutto when my family moved back to Lakewood a couple years ago. When a family in Lakewood had hateful graffiti spray painted on their driveway, Brad responded by creating The Lakewood Sidewalk Chalk Love Facebook group, to show that we care about each other and that hate does not belong in our community. Our children covered the city with messages of love on our sidewalks. It was encouraging to see such young children participating in amazing acts of kindness. I want someone on City Council that looks at diversity as a blessing, not just a statistic.

Brad gets to know his neighbors, building relationships through social media or face to face. He’s always busy taking care of a neighbor in need, whether he knows them or not. I frequently see him volunteering his time to help people through our local Lakewood Buy Nothing Group. He's also a big supporter of our local small businesses. He uses his relationship building to create this network so when someone or a new business needs support, he gets them the necessary support they need to be successful.  

Because Brad is well-known in the community, parents reached out to him about concerns regarding Kauffman Park. Not only is he a big advocate for renovations at Kauffman Park, he responded to the parents concerns by organizing a group to clean up Kauffman Park, specifically the slides that had been plastered with sap from the nearby trees. Our playground and park looked beautiful once it was cleaned. Taking care of our green spaces is important for our community even though they do not generate income. Our kids need a safe and clean place to play, and I know I can trust Brad to be a constant advocate for our parks.


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Volume 15, Issue 19, Posted 9:51 AM, 10.31.2019

Give Lakewood A Chance-- Vote

I have a friend who just moved to Lakewood; she thinks it's a great place and it is, but this being an election year I had to tell her, it's not as great as it once was. It was once a lot safer. We once had a city government that we could rely on to represent us and be truthful. We don't have that now.  

We once had a full service hospital with a real Emergency Room. Now we have a mayor and some members of City Council who actively worked to close that hospital and were not honest with Lakewood residents about why.

With records requests and reviews of financial records we know a lot of things now that we didn't know when the hospital was closed. The facts that I refer to in this article are not theories in a battle over whether the hospital should have been saved or not. At this late date all of this information is backed up by records that at the time were kept from the public by our own representatives, two of whom are running for office. If you are new to Lakewood and don't have time to read the rest of this, here are some of the records obtained with freedom of information requests, go to these links. 




Some background for newcomers: The city of Lakewood had its own community hospital beginning in 1907. When Lakewood Hospital closed (in February 2016) it was being managed by the Cleveland Clinic, it was owned by the citizens of Lakewood.  

The hospital was not failing when it closed. We were told by our own city officials at that time that it was failing, but it was solidly in the black. It had no debt. It made less money than it once did, because under the Ed FitzGerald administration, the high-level trauma ER, the pediatric and cardiac units, which were all money-makers, were moved to Cleveland Clinic's Fairview Hospital in exchange for Cleveland Clinic providing Lakewood with what they called "Centers of Excellence" which never materialized.

Why didn't the mayor or council at the time question this or ask that our departments be brought back since Cleveland Clinic didn't make good on their deal? When did our city government start giving away our hospital and why? We don't know, but it began then. 

Lakewood Hospital was the biggest employer in Lakewood. When the hospital closed we lost more than a thousand jobs and yet Mayor Summers (who is still our mayor) and city council worked hard to convince us that it was a good idea to get rid of it.

In other cities, city representatives fight hard to keep their number one job provider, but not here. 

What is worse, is that right now, if you, or someone in your family, starts to have what you think might be a stroke or heart attack, or a serious accident, like with a chainsaw, or blowing up your hand with an M80 in Lakewood, you're in trouble. Since our "Emergency Room" isn't attached to a hospital, you can't be rushed into surgery. If the EMTs take you to Lakewood's "ER," you're going to have to be transferred to a hospital, losing valuable time, possibly losing your life, yet many have been taken there when experiencing symptoms, etc instead of straight to a hospital like Fairview.

So should you get someone to drive you to Fairview? But Fairview's ER is often overcrowded since Lakewood's real ER closed. Should you get someone to drive you to Metro? Lutheran? St. John's Westshore? Plus it's dangerous not to get an ambulance, many life-saving procedures can be performed in an ambulance. What should you do? When we had a real ER in Lakewood, it was so close you could often get to the hospital before an ambulance could get to your house. 

The security of knowing what to do when there is an emergency in your household in Lakewood is gone. That security was one of the best and safest things about Lakewood, one of the reasons people moved here, and stayed here, for over a hundred years.  

Our mayor and members of city council told us that we were lucky to get a Cleveland Clinic "Family Health Center" in place of our hospital. It is basically a doctor's office. Its "ER" can set a broken arm and do stitches, but they can't do anything to help anyone who is seriously ill. I have actually been reprimanded by a doctor there for bringing in a friend who needed more serious care. The doctor WORKING THERE told me, "You should never have brought him here."  Having a sign that says "Emergency" for a facility that isn't a real Emergency Room is more dangerous than having no Emergency room at all.


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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 9:26 AM, 11.04.2019

Lakewood Mom And Son Dance Is Back For The Fourth Year!

What started as a casual conversation among some moms at Horace Mann Elementary evolved into a fun night out for hundreds of Lakewood families. Now in its fourth year, the Lakewood Mom & Son Rockin' Monster Mash will be held on Saturday, October 19 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm in the Lakewood High School gym and cafeteria.  

"The Lakewood Father/Daughter dance was going strong and we wanted to offer a similar opportunity to moms and sons," said event co-chair Kristen Humphreys. "We've always had a rock & roll theme, and we recently added a Halloween element to amp up the fun."  

The "Monster Mash" theme encourages attendees to dress up in Halloween costumes, wear t-shirts from rock bands and concerts, or even get dressed up in formal wear. The gathering encourages families of all kinds -- not just moms, and not just sons, either -- to be who they are and wear what they want. This year's event includes a maze in the LHS gym and a calm craft area outside of the gym for anyone who needs a break from the noise.  


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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

Presutto Demonstrates Professional Experience Needed For City Council

My career started in the financial sector where I specialized in creating and delivering training programs for new hires, existing employees, and leadership development. While I was training staff members in a variety of financial roles, I also achieved a wide variety of financial licenses, HR certifications, and project management experience. In addition to training, I managed teams as small as two to as large as sixty across multiple cities and countries. It is this experience that has me best suited to interact with different demographics and will allow me to communicate the issues and solutions to Lakewood residents.  

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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

Callahan Seeks Seat On Board Of Education

The Callahan family; Michael, Kristyn, Liam, Kenna and Mary Frances

My name is Michael J. Callahan and I am a candidate for the Lakewood Board of Education. I’m running as an advocate for our schools and our community. The Lakewood City Schools are in a good place with dedicated teachers, great administrative leadership, and new or newly renovated buildings. We have a unique opportunity to make these investments continue to pay dividends in the community.

Our Board of Education can be more effective with added representation of young families and the fresh perspectives that come with it. As a parent of children in elementary school, I have routine interactions with parents, teachers, and staff and am positioned to represent the community.

My wife Kristyn and I are both lifelong Lakewood residents, and we have been proud to send our children to the Lakewood City Schools. Our oldest is a fourth grader at Grant Elementary School, our middle child is a second grader at Emerson Elementary School, and our youngest (age 3) will soon attend Lakewood schools. 


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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

Healthy Lakewood Foundation Updates Community On Their First Year

Sharing notes from small group discussions.

Over 50 Lakewood residents attended the Healthy Lakewood Foundation’s first community meeting on Tuesday, September 24th at the Women’s Pavilion at Lakewood Park.

The HealthyLakewood Foundation (HLF) was established in September 2018 as part of the master agreement following the closing of Lakewood Hospital. HLF was formed from the Foundation Planning Task Force and through their recommendation to the City of Lakewood and the Lakewood Hospital Association.

The 17 member Board, who represent a diverse array of personal and professional experience, spent the past year creating and formalizing the organizational policies and processes. This work will aid the board in the responsible, sustainable stewardship of $32.4 million in assets that will eventually be available to support health and wellness initiatives in Lakewood.

The community meeting provided an opportunity for Lakewood citizens to hear about HLF’s first year. Board members shared short summaries of specific work, including a financial update, community engagement plans, governance initiatives, and an overview of the strategic planning process.


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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

If we look at elections as conversations, we can see what conversations we want to continue and what ones we want to stop. Local elections are no different. They are community conversations about where the community wants to go in the years ahead, and what it needs to move forward into the future.

There are a lot of conversations happening in Lakewood right now, and as someone who has lived in Lakewood for five years, I recognize certain conversations important in changing the status quo, as the city’s status quo is changing. Conversations about affordability, accessibility, and increasing racial, religious, and economic diversity. There are people running in Lakewood who want the same imperative conversations. There are people running who want certain conversations to stop, not because they have lost their relevance or the issue is exhausted, but because they just don’t like the premise. Now, I realize that I haven’t met every candidate running, (and I would welcome the opportunity to). There are those in city council who are having these conversations currently, and have the respect of their constituency through accountability. Dan O'Malley is an awesome city council person, representative of his constituency. I worry for the future of Lakewood in respect to the other wards and the city's mayoral race.

We all want our interests to be respected and represented by someone to work collaboratively towards solutions that benefit everyone. I value community-centered candidates that follow through by listening closely to their constituents, rooting their policy ideas on constituent feedback, and receiving constructive criticism. I value candidates with honesty and transparency and want to offer community-based solutions to them, echoing their constituents who are asking for it of them.

I see Laura Rodriguez-Carbone and Brad Presutto as community-oriented, community-based city council candidates who listen, advocate, and amplify the voices of their future constituents. I can see that in their voiced concerns about healthcare, affordable housing, public transportation, and in their efforts to increase visibility of marginalized groups in the city who deserve a seat at the table in policies affecting their lives in Lakewood, regardless of population statistics. I believe them to be candidates who listen to the people in their wards, and in the city at large, who would base their policy initiatives on what they hear from the people.


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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

Be Wary of Sam O'Leary. Don't Be Fooled Again.

As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” In 2015, I naively supported Sam O’Leary’s campaign to maintain his Ward 2 seat on Lakewood City Council after being appointed the previous year.

At one of Sam’s campaign fundraisers that summer, we spoke one-on-one at length. Sam is approachable and articulate. He appears to take a genuine interest in others. He convinced me that he was an independent thinker committed to due diligence and the highest ethical standards. I expressed concerns regarding Lakewood’s future, including the fate of our hospital. He shared my sentiments and promised to fight. We corresponded and spoke throughout the year regarding the hospital closing, but as a council vote on the issue neared, Sam began replying with patronizing rhetoric in line with the administration. I no longer felt represented and haven’t since.

I learned just this year that in March 2015, Sam was designated campaign treasurer for former Lakewood Mayor and Cuyahoga County Executive, Ed FitzGerald, coming off his loss for Governor amid questionable behavior. Had I been aware of this at the time, I would have been leery. FitzGerald launched a fake, single issue newspaper that misled voters on the hospital issue before a community wide vote that November; and then became a consultant to the developer who scored the land grab at the corner of Belle and Detroit after council voted to close the hospital.

Sam’s St. Charles Green dream (to add land to the park system) unveiled just ahead of his 2015 campaign hadn’t been mentioned again until the eve of another election season, just weeks ago. A lack of attention to Ward 2 for nearly six years, the bombardment of recent mailings, banners, county establishment endorsements and countywide fundraisers are a clear sign that he’s doing someone’s bidding beyond his supposedly beloved hometown.  




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Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 5:11 PM, 10.16.2019

Transfiguration Parish's 10th Annual Harvest Pork Chop Dinner & Raffle

Please mark your calendar now and plan to participate in Transfiguration Parish’s 10th Annual Harvest Pork Chop Dinner & Raffle to be held on Sunday, October 27th, in the parish hall at 12608 Madison Ave. in Lakewood. Dinner will be served from noon-3:30 p.m. This is Transfiguration Parish’s primary fundraiser of the year and a wonderful tradition for our parish community. Help us make it a successful one!

The dinner includes two pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, sauerkraut (optional), green beans, applesauce, dinner roll, dessert, and coffee. Dinner tickets are $18 for adults, $7 for children 5 to 12, and free for children 4 and under.  Advance ticket purchase is strongly recom­mended for dine-in and for take-out dinners. A limited number of dinners will be available at the door.  Any unclaimed tickets/reservations will not be held past 3 p.m.Please call Anne at 216-287-1127 or Pat at 216-269-9801 for tickets/reservations by Sunday, October 20th.

This family event is more than a delicious dinner. There will be a Grand Raffle, a Split-the-Pot drawing, the always-popular Basket Raffle, a special raffle for a 40” Insignia LED flat screen TV (only 200 tickets will be sold at $5 each) donated by P.C.S. Auto Body & Collision Repair, door prizes, and sideboards. The Grand Raffle has a top prize of $1,500 and five prizes of $100 each.  Grand Raffle tickets are $5 per ticket or six tickets for $25. The Split-the-Pot drawing is a 60/40 split to church/three winners.  Split-the-Pot tickets are $1 per ticket or six tickets for $5. Winners do not need to be present. Grand Raffle and Split-the-Pot tickets will be available for purchase at the event or can be purchased prior to the event by calling the Parish Office at 216-521-7288 on Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The Basket Raffle prizes include brunch for four at Pier W valued at $168, a $75 gift certificate to Palazzo Italian Restaurant, a $75 gift card to Luca West (downtown), a $50 gift card to Johnny’s Bar on Fulton, a $50 gift certificate to Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville-Cleveland, a $50 gift certificate to Georgetown/Vosh, an Ohio Clinic Skin Care Rejuvenating Facial valued at $90, and many, many other great prizes. Tickets for the Basket Raffle are $1 each or six tickets for $5.  The drawings for the Basket Raffle will begin around 3 p.m. followed by the Split-the-Pot and Grand Raffle drawings.


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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019

Why I Think Brad Presutto Would Be An Asset To City Council

I have had several opportunities to chat with Brad Presutto about his ambition to serve on Lakewood City Council. He is very personable and always speaks to how much he loves our city. One thing that I am always curious about is, what past experiences would make a person the best for the job? I feel that Brad’s experience managing, consulting, and reaching compromise does make him the best person for the job. 

While working for a variety of banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions, he managed teams as small as two people to a team of almost 60, spread out over multiple cities and countries. We need someone on City Council who has the experience being able to work with a wide variety of demographics and achieving compromise.  Our city has issues that have opinions ranging the entire spectrum. Having someone who has experience achieving compromise will prevent major issues from dividing our city and losing trust in Lakewood’s government.

One thing I noticed on his LinkedIn profile was that he won the Rookie of the Year award at his last job.  When I asked him about it, he was quite proud to talk about the success the team he managed achieved by turning around 72% quality scores to 99% within eight months.  In fact, most of his career he sought out teams or departments that were new or struggling; and he enjoyed using a continual improvement mindset to bring results to above expectations.  While Lakewood is not a new or struggling city, I want someone in public service who is willing to review each process for ways to make it more efficient. Having someone willing to listen to residents and city employees to make sure our city services  are beyond reproach is important to all voters.


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Volume 15, Issue 19, Posted 5:47 PM, 10.16.2019
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